Ultra Sound technology is the study of sound waves of frequency above 20,000 Hz. It's application includes Study of Vacuum Leaks, Bearing Lubrication, Steam Traps, Compressed Air Leaks, Partial Discharge, Corona discharge etc

Course Objectives

Level I

  • Introduction
  • Principles of Sound
  • Measurement of Ultrasound
  • Compressed Air Leak Detection Application
  • Flow Monitoring Application
  • Electrical Application
  • Tightness Testing Application
  • Friction Application
  • Impacts Application
  • Linear Motion Application

Level II

  • Introduction
  • Ultra sound Laws
  • Types of Sensors
  • Airborne Applications
  • Wave Form analysis
  • Flow Monitoring-Detailed Applications
  • Weather tightness test in sea-going vassals
  • Electrical Application
  • Heat Exchanger Tube Applications,
  • Mechanical Applications
  • Buliding Applications
  • Equipment selection